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When the software is opened, a request for activation appears that cannot be activated because Adobe no longer has activation servers. Instead, you are told to request a new serial key for a "special version" of the software that has to be installed to replace the original software. According to Adobe, the "special version" of the software does not require activation.

After requesting a new serial key and installing the "special version" twice, I still get the message that the software has to be activated. I have spent hours online and on the phone with customer support and no one seems to be able to resolve this issue. I now have Photoshop CS3 that I purchased for a substantial amount of money that I can no longer use because I can't activate it.

Is anyone else having this problem and is there an answer? Try uninstalling, then download and run the Cleaner tool Use the Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool to solve installation problems using the instructions in the link. I refused the akamai option and they let me download it via browser.

I clicked on Never Register and CS3 went through the splash screen and opened. I hope you got that serial number correct. When you launched cs3, where did you paste the new serial number? When I launch the app, I get the activate screen. It doesn't allow me to paste the serial number. What I got was a screen that had either a choice of a 30 day trial or a serial number. I checked the name of the download and it's the same. I absolutely can't figure this one out. I've tried everything I can think of to resolve the problem and nothing works.

Thanks so much for your help though! You'll have to find someone willing to look at it. One thing I did find out, CS3 is 32 bit only and can only access 3 GB of ram, no matter how much you have installed. It is installed in the Program Files x86 directory. Downloaded the new CS3 install and noted the serial number provided for me.

I installed CS3 with the serial after entering that numbers there was a messaged about the activation server could not be connected to. That would not be normal for the no longer exist. Activation is not required.. I only use newer version of Photoshop to test other users problems. They have too many issues IMO the should not ne you default Photoshop application.

CS5 had some issues. CS6 IMO was the buggiest version ever released. It took Adobe ever 5 months to release an update for CS6 that addressed the major issues. If you ever installs CS6 make sure you install all the CS6 updates.

CC is quite good. I guess results do vary, JJ. No problem installing and running as is, but it did indeed remove the Desktop app. Just a word of caution to those who try it out. One thing about CS3, it's "32 bit only" I think CS4 was the first 64 bit option meaning an allotment of 3 GB ram no matter what you have on your system. After that added SSD Photoshop can be a resource hungry application. I tried out a test file on CS3. The SSD made a world of difference in speed. Back in they must have cost a fortune.

I don't do any high demand projects, so CS3 is fun to work with. Adobe still allows the cross platform swap on CS6 so I might as well do this while I can. I too have the same issue, i.

After 2 hours waiting for a chat, final chatted with a tech who provided an answer that did not work. He saw I had versions 10 and was thinking that was CS4. That did not work with the old or new serial number, as I expected. Tried to call phone support and hung up after an hour.

That was 2 days ago. Several hours ago I again called support and instead of waiting selected option for a call back. Is this the usual type of support from Adobe? If so, I will NOT pay a subscription for any of their new products.

After hours of chat and phone support and being transferred to 4 different techs who "can fix my issue", I finally got an answer I went through the same scenario with Adobe support. Spent hours on chat explaining the problem and ended up receiving the same response. I called and the answer was that I had to upgrade. What makes me so angry with this is that I paid for this license and now can't use it.

I would have considered upgrading except for the fact that now Adobe has a subscription service. After paying for a license and then having to continue to pay to use the software for the rest of my life is unacceptable. It's all about money! CS3 Activation Servers have been retired. This is not freeware. Activation or connection error when starting CS3 or Acrobat 8.

Below is a link to the CS Cleaner Tool. Use the Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool to solve installation problems. If after installing replacement version you still see an Activation Countdown, remove the cache. After having the same problem as people above and searching the internet for days trying to figure out how to get the new activation to work, you solved my issue!!

It's that cache file that is keeping everyone from putting in the new serial number. I thought I was going to lose it on adobe for making what was a very expensive product obsolete. Is your fix a PC thing? I also have mac and more than 20 years using Adobe but maybe not any more. Have followed all instructions faithfully, have installed new several times - successfully per setup - but still receive notice of deactivation in one day.

If any of the entries indicate failure, contact us. Do you have a backup from Time Machine on an external drive hooked to your mac that your main system is reading from?

No to both - didn't think of emptying trash! Shut down after completing installation - successfully, per setup - then got into PS using "reactivate later" and tried update, activate, register - ALL said no connection, so no go.

This is hopefully a stupid question, but you did down the non activation cs3 from here, uninstalled your old cs3 and installed the non activation version? Download Adobe Creative Suite 3 products. Will check other components of CS3 but finally feel more positive about their being OK.

In the middle of the first load, a box will open noting a missing AdobePDF. Use the browse button and find the file at c: Later opened PS from dock - no problem - so far. Thanks so much for this advice. There are lots of artists who are NOT techies using Adobe. I haven't yet started trying to get past the "final activation step" with my CS3. If anyone is good at summarizing and simplifying instructions, all of the above has my brain overheated and smoking.

Can anyone list the sequence of steps needed in order to get up and running? My mind is fried after reading all of this It says I have 25 days left - is it going to just quit working if I'm unable to jump through all the hoops mentioned on this page? I did all my screaming last night - now I'm down to a faint voice. If this is your original copy of CS3 you have installed, know that the CS3 activation servers are permanently closed.

Your discs are nothing more than drink coasters. So Adobe has provided a new serial number and a new non-activation free of charge CS3 download. You only need provide your old serial number as qualifying proof. Even better and by the numbers instructions: I need a break from the computer, so may not try this until Sat night or Sunday. So glad someone in the Community with knowledge about this is online. Thanks for the quick reply I need to get into the right frame of mind or I'm afraid I may blow multiple fuses in the gray matter.

photoshop cs3 crack key

How to Find My Photoshop CS3 Product Key

And click on Never Register. According to Adobe, the "special version" of the software does not require activation. Still here if you need us. Back in they must have cost a fortune. I called and the answer was that I had to upgrade.

One thing I did find out, CS3 is 32 bit only and can only access 3 GB of ram, no matter how much you have installed. Not with this kind of support. Check the packaging for your product. This is not freeware. Share Share on Facebook.

photoshop cs3 crack key

Please enter a title. I successfully downloaded the installer. Then right click on the new installer, Run as Administrator, just to be sure it runs properly. Try uninstalling, then download and run the Cleaner tool Use the Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool to solve installation problems using the instructions in the link. You don't have JavaScript enabled. Thanks so much for your help though! Please type your message and try again. I hope you got that serial number correct. Adobe Photoshop makes images like this one possible. Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. This is not freeware. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled.

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