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WAT system is responsible for keeping track of evaluation time and activation process of a Win 7 installation. After the evaluation period of Windows is over, WAT keeps reminding the user of activation by frequent pop-up notifications. If not activated for long, WAT system then changes the desktop wallpaper to black background and the torture continues in one form or the other.

All this exercise is to compel the user to buy a valid license key from Microsoft. But not everyone can buy Windows, damn it! Remove WAT is a life saver in such situations. It makes any Windows 7, 8, 8. I tried every possible crap to get Windows 7 Ultimate activated on it, but no use. And the best thing is that no other Windows system file or setting is changed by this process which means you will get all the Windows updates from Microsoft as usual.

So to get freedom from Windows activation woes, download the zip file from the link given at the end of this post and extract the WAT Remover app. This happens because it is created by an independent developer with no trusted signature embedded.

Anti-virus softwares check software signatures to authenticate them as trusted. So do not worry about any warning your dumb anti-virus gives about WAT Remover. If the anti-virus does not allow WAT Remover to run then disable it the anti-virus first. Many users have reported that it worked for them in activating Windows Vista, Win 8, Win 8. So try it in your PC and let others know if it worked for you via comments.

If Windows somehow after update or else again starts to show as non-genuine and prompt for registration at start up, then you will have to restore the WAT first and repeat the above process once again. Update September — Unfortunately Box. I will send you the new download link of Remove WAT. Update — You may also refer to this post for a new Windows 8 activator. I have sent the download link at the email ID you commented with. I have always had the popup saying Windows is not genuine and taking me off full screen games just to say it.

I got so fed up earlier on I nearly actually bought it then thought, lets find a crack. I upgraded my genuine Win 7 Basic to Ultimate online, and thought Great!

I will be posting here if I encounter any problems on the long run, but it seems to do the job perfectly for now. Brilliant…At last a site with no crap and everything works…. Does this work with that? Unable to download Wat from anywhere else, only succeed in downloading load of other useless ad dons along with shortcut only of Wat.

Your version,ion would be much appreciated. You would have got the software by now if a valid email was submitted with your comment. I send download link of WAT Remover to email addresses on an average per day.

Unfortunately you could not differentiate between a scammer and a genuine blogger. You could try to run the WAT remover 2. First use the option restore WAT, and restart. Then run it again remove wat. Also make sure to remove the MS update KB it performs a validation process for the copy of windows that is running on your computer.. Where could be the problem? I have Win 7 Ultimate. It looks like your Antivirus or Windows Defender is causing problem.

Hello, I am having the same problem with my PC as other folks. The message keeps popping up. This copy of windows is not genuine. Windows 7 Build I am using Windows 7 Professional. I even modified the reset for the rearm thing through the regedit. It worked for a while.

And it is now saying I have to reinstall Windows 7 again. What I have read about this software has been pretty good but I have also heard of a program called Windows Loader v 1.

Could you please recommend what your thoughts are about this and could you please send me the link for the download to the one you think is best for my situation? There are quite a few Windows Loader programs out there but unfortunately they do not work universally i. I have sent you the download link. Please send me the wat remover as soon as you can, I tried to find it myself, but ended up with tons of malware which I have trouble cleaning up now.

You must be tired of it by now, but I see You still respond -bravo! So, hey, can I have one of them, too? No dear, I am not tired! Actually I love to help my readers. If I had any problem I would have deleted it. This post gets many comments daily which are not published because they are identical link-request type.

However I send download link to all of them. Just commenting to test if comment system is fake or not, just want to make sure the good reviews are genuine. Hey Shoaib, In order to shorten a long story, I will suffice in saying I hate people who assume they need your stuff more than you do. Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, I feel somewhat constrained to say the least. Hence I would be much obliged Shoaib. It is already activated so WAT Remover will do nothing in such case. I have sent you the WAT Remover download link — check your mail!

I hope this helps. I have been reading your article and posts and replies. You are helping so many people. So if WAT Remover will help me, thank you so much sending the link! Thank you in advance for all your efforts. Hello, if the WAT Remover is still available would you please send to me? I am running windows 8. It also displays Windows 8. I have sent the download link, just check the mail. Honestly I am fed up uploading the file again and again because Microsoft sleuths get it deleted very quickly.

I have not tried it in Win 10 but many have reported it to be working. I have already sent you the download link. I fully understand your frustration with keeping this updated. Allow me to assure you you have many loyal followers that really do appreciate your work and GREAT program. As has been stated before, even with a legal purchased copy of Win7, your program is still needed. I purchased a Windows 7 enterprise license from an eBay vendor a year ago and Windows 7 installed and was validated.

If indeed the license is not genuine Microsoft should not have verified it a year ago and I could have gone back to the seller. Killing the genuine validation after a year is BS. MS should honor the validation they made a year ago. Strange are the ways MS Windows handles the validation crap. Add to this the eBay shade and you are right inside a F5 Tor.

Anyway I have sent you the link, so just chill and forget all the BS. Hi bud could you send me the download link.

Windows 7 64 bit. But nope not having none of it, tried registery stuff, cmds just errors etc. The email address you gave is not working. Send in a working email address where I can send you the download link. Thank you very much! Instead, I have received a contract to subscribe to WorldPress. Should I wait to receive another email? The message you got is automatically generated and sent by WordPress. I send the download link later on. It usually takes days to process all the requests.

I have sent you the link, check your mailbox. Email will not be published required.

windows 7 activation remover

RemoveWAT Windows 7 download. Remove WAT Win 7 activator 100% FREE!

And about 30 min after that pop-up im getting the BSOD. Purchased Key - Click Go to store , click Buy below your preferred version of Windows, and enter your payment information. Microsoft is committed to your privacy. Shoaib February 8, at It looks and feels exactly like a tweaked windows OS. Bazngaaaaa January 8, at 4: It's plagued my computer for weeks, and I tried everything. More success stories All success stories Hide success stories.

Remove WAT – Free Activator Software to make Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1 genuine forever

Not Helpful 1 Helpful 2. This will search your computer for the Registry Editor command. Install Windows Loader 1. Right-click the file, click Rename , and type. Kamta sahu January 12, at 9: Giving same error as before with pop window saying " 'Window cannot find c:

Download Removewat 2.2.7 Official By TeamDaz

windows 7 activation remover

Job Mckee April 1, at 7: After the update flagged mine, I used DAZ 1. Did you find a solution? It is called validation task. Saravanan ronaldo December 13, at I have sent you the link, check your mailbox. It does slow down your computer. I am on medicare and believe me, we seniors are getting screwed blued and tattooed. I just wanted to say thanks! I did what you wrote. It's a tab on the left side of the window. Once this command will execute, this will remove the product key from the registry if it's still there. After that, restart your computer 5. And the must best part of this shit, is that removewat v2. The message you got is automatically generated and sent by WordPress.

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