Unable to patch files ffxiv 30413

Unable to patch files ffxiv 30413 - Free Download

This is not an issue I have presently but is a record of a solution that worked for me, today, for future searchers. This post will hopefully save time for anyone that has this problem now or in the future. I was unable to download patch h The error message was "Unable to download patch files. The error appeared at random points near MB.

I succeeded in downloading 6 patch files before this. I tried the following steps: Close all background applications. Disable all security software. Delete download folder in My Games. None of these attempts worked. I downloaded just this one file, canceled on the next one to switch off the VPN, and resumed downloading normally. I am not done patching, but I have encountered no issues since. This is, as others have suggested, either a routing or port issue.

By using a VPN, a different route is used and I believe port forwarding becomes a non-issue. Other things that worked for others, which I did not try: Waiting and trying again later.

Switching from Wireless to Wired. Some people have contacted tech support, but I have found no remarks of positive outcomes. This may simply be a failure to return to the conversation once their issue was resolved. Old thread, but I hope this helps someone in the future The "don't use 4. My friend had this exact issue last night.

Port forwarding, deleting folders, restarting the download. Turning off antivirus, changing router settings, etc etc. Eventually, as you said, the vpn seems to have done the trick. What a god damn hassle for your typical game player though. I decided last night to come back to the game after a long hiatus. I ran into this same issue on patch H I switched over to the Steam client as per an earlier suggestion, and that seemed to try to download a different set of patches, but I had the same issue.

I was able to finally get around the issue by modifying the DNS servers at the router level. My PC is set to pull all info from the router. I was able to get past H I'm hopeful that the rest of the patching process goes smoothly. I had switched my router to the Google Public DNS servers over a year ago and this is the first issue that I had encountered with them, so I will probably put them back in after this patching is complete assuming it does finish without further incident.

On a side note I think it sucks that you have to pay to update the game. If I can't get it patched, that's a month subscription down the drain. This is really ridiculous but it seems that if one patch fails I can at least switch DNS servers and get it.

Had the same issues, except changing DNS servers didn't help for me. Currently running through a free VPN to download patches and I'm up to About 10GB to go and not a single issue so far. I suspected that the reason using a VPN works for most people is that you use their DNS servers by connecting to them.

After that it was smooth sailing. I wonder if you just got unlucky when switching DNS servers. I'm going to back up my install folder to an external hard drive so I never have to go through this in the future. I tried many, many times. I wasted more than 1 evening trying to get the patches downloaded and installed.

I wouldn't have tried changing DNS because it doesn't make sense on the surface, but seeing the suggestions here made me try it. It was that easy! Some providers must either have bad configuration, or there is a problem with how Square's networking guys designed their DNS-based, regional load balancing. I'm surprised it's bad since Akamai possibly 1 CDN is the one hosting the patch content.

What VPN did you use? I've tried a few and they are insanely slow - Like 3 days to download slow. The one I used was CyberGhost, but I only used it for the problem patch.

I canceled the patch process as soon as it started the next patch file so I could switch back to my regular connection. Thank you so much for this. I have been getting this issue all night. I was getting really annoyed with the whole error thing. Now it seems to be downloading fine! Just posting to say that TwistedAkai's suggestion worked for me after a ton of other things didn't.

Only thing to add is to make sure the filename changes before switching back to your regular ISP. I downloaded cyberghost to fix this problem but I don't know how to get it to work. Can u help me. At least it currently is for me.. It has passed the part where it messed up! Did you use surf anonymously? Or the protected thing. Sorry im trying to fix this problem as well and Cyberghost doesnt seem to be working for me. When the app is running check in the bottom right corner where all your background apps are running, right click the app and click let it start.

Make sure its on "automatically choose". It will queue you up but the queue goes fast. Once you've finished downloading the specific folder that kept fucking up mine was something like Cyberghost doesn't seem to be working for me. I'm getting the same error message on my new laptop regardless of whether I'm using Cyber or just normal internet.

I'll definitely try to do what you've suggested on my next attempt. Right now I'm trying to copy the files from my desktop to my laptop, maybe that'll work. I had to do this as well for my client.

Did exactly what u did and mine worked flawlessly, idk what the hecks up but having to use a vpn on a game thats been out for 2 years is very weird. You would think S. E would have a real fix on this but they dont from since this is still going on with random people. I downloaded it and put the vpn to the united states im canadian but it still gives the same error.. Where did you connect to? Might want to give us idiots some step by steps haha.

It worked in my case so thank you very much for this suggestion. Not bad speeds either on the download CyberGhost 6. I'm having an issue where the file I have downloaded is over 15 GB, how would I apply that fix here?

It's been some time, but if memory serves, the size shown is for all queued patches, rather than just the current one. You just have to watch for the file name to change. Man how do i use cyberwolf to download final fantasy. I dont see that option. Ive never used a vpn. I just want to add on for people that might be having a similar issue to me. I tried everything, including using CyberGhost.

I was using the launcher downloaded from SE's website. Got past the patch, everything works now. I tried this as I have had the same issues. However, it did not work for me, still recieved the same errors as with the SE download. Had the same error code. Used WTFast free 14 day trial and connected via Japanese network route.

unable to  patch files ffxiv 30413


It was that easy! Day 10 and i have tried to download well over 40 times, re-installed 2x. I was having the same issue as many of you. This may simply be a failure to return to the conversation once their issue was resolved. I may very well need to unsub if i cannot play. I believe i also had changed MTU settings. Close all background applications.

unable to download patch files [30413] [25008] [20495]

Switching from Wireless to Wired. Unable to download patch files. Submit a new link. I ran into this same issue on patch H Had the same error code. Just purchased digital PC version of this today and i am now getting this same error code. I tried all the things listed to no avail but I didn't find something that is working.

unable to download patch files

unable to  patch files ffxiv 30413

Ish , Sep 6, Just keep trying randomly once and a while, it's the only thing that seems to work. What massive waste of time. It may be simpler just to get WTFast [www. Log in or sign up in seconds. Spoiler tagging a comment: If your ISP,router or computer is actively blocking the connection to the server you will never play, its that simple. May be in for a hour stint of slow downloads and disconnects if you didn't beat the rush to download the updates If it matters I used these 3 DNS servers. I tried using cyberghost and I still got the patch error. So pretty much I did all the things at once and it worked. It only sucks because you have to subscribe to the game to even download it.

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Unable to patch files ffxiv 30413
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