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Can't change the wallpaper? Computer performance gets worse? According to users' feedback, this issue often happens after installing some updates and there is a message on the bottom right of the desktop that says:. And you may find there is a dark black background, which cannot be changed. Many of you use Windows as the operating system of your computers for various sorts of work, entertainment, etc.

Just image you are busy with your important plans and suddenly the message appears. Nothing could be more annoying. Even after a period of time, it will start to show you warning messages. Here this article is written for you. Perhaps your Windows runs without any trouble until Windows 7 KB update is installed. This update has installed Windows Activation Technologies , helping to detect your Windows operating system. Once it finds out the copy of Windows is not genuine, you may receive a message on the lower right part of the desktop stating "Windows 7 build this copy of Window is not genuine".

Windows has an embedded backup tool, helping you to create a system image and back up files. And you may choose to use it to safeguard the PC.

But sometimes you may experience some issues like Windows backup stuck at creating system image. Besides, this tool is not flexible if you want to back up the entire disk.

Even differential backups are not supported. Hence, we recommend using third-party software for the computer backup. File backup, system backup, disk backup and partition backup can be realized with this professional backup tool. Besides, the corresponding restoration is also included. Multiple backup modes, for instance, automatic backup, incremental backup, and differential backup can be created.

Meanwhile, disk management is enabled if you choose a backup scheme. Let's see how to use the best backup software to back up your computer before uninstalling Windows 7 KB update to fix this copy of Windows is not genuine.

Double-click on MiniTool ShadowMaker to open it. Later, enter the following window, click Connect button from the Local or Remote section. And then, this software enters the Backup page where you need to choose the backup source and storage path. By default, all system partitions are selected. If you need to back up files, partition or the entire system disk, enter the Source section to choose a type. At last, go back to the Backup page and click Back up Now to start the backup.

The computer has been backed up. Go to Windows Update part, and click View installed updates option. Or click on View update history and hit the Installed Updates link at the top. Find the update of KB and right-click on it to choose Uninstall button.

After completing the update, Windows 7 not genuine issue may be solved. If the message still exists, try the next way. Go to Start menu and search for Command Prompt. Just right-click on cmd. Finally, a pop-out window shows you command completed successfully and requires you restart the system.

Just click OK to let all changes take effect. After the expiration date, you can choose to reactivate it. However, there is a limit to the number of times that Windows can be reactivated, typically, it is only 3 times. Namely, you effectively get days. Then in the pop-out window, follow the path: Then the following screen will appear.

Just double-click on Plug and Play from the options, then find Startup and click on Automatic. In addition to the above three ways, you can try to disable Windows update. If you don't switch it off, Windows is certain to automatically keep itself up-to-date. As a result, this copy of Windows is not genuine message appears on your computer desktop.

Select Never Check for Updates not recommended option from Important updates section. If you are using a pirated version of Windows, Windows 7 not genuine message may occur each time you open your computer one month later. Besides, there may be some bugs on the pirated version, causing many problems. Under these circumstances, we advise you to purchase a license key of the genuine Windows and then follow these instructions to activate your copy of Windows.

Sometimes you may suddenly receive this copy of Windows is not genuine message although you are using a genuine Windows. This is because the license is shared with other persons and Microsoft can stop your certificate due to use on multiple computers.

In this case, you can ask Microsoft for help. Meanwhile, this copy of Windows is not genuine message appeared. I tried the above ways and finally fixed it. After learning Windows 7 not genuine fix, some of you may be wondering about the reasons for this copy of Windows is not genuine issue and the problems that you may face in case of this issue.

The major reason causing Windows 7 not genuine is that you are not using the genuine Windows version that Microsoft provides. Instead of that, there is a cracked version of Windows. And the chances of the product key being corrupted or removed and virus being injected are high.

When booting up the computer, this copy of Windows is not genuine message appears. Another reason is that you may be using an outdated version of Windows that needs to be upgraded. If you have enabled the setting of automatic update, the system will come in contact with internet access, then, the issue occurs. Hope you guys find this post useful to fix the issue. If you implement any solution of the mentioned above, the watermark will disappear and you can use it as it is before.

If any method doesn't get it right for you, try other ways in the article. And it surely fixes Windows 7 not genuine problem. Actually, this problem commonly happens in Windows pirated version. In order to avoid it, we strongly recommend using the official version instead of the cracked one. On the other hand, remember to tell us if you have any suggestions of Windows 7 build not genuine issue or questions during using MiniTool ShadowMaker to back up the computer before uninstalling the KB update.

Uninstalling Windows update tends to be a little risky since it may result in malfunction of some program files and unexpected data loss on your computer. To keep data safe, it is recommended to back up your computer before uninstalling the update. If you want to create a remote backup, please input an IP in the text box to go on.

It is not recommended to buy Windows OS from the third-party e-commerce stores. Microsoft official website is suggested.

windows not genuine crack

How to Make Windows 7 Genuine Using Command Prompt

Is there something else I can do that might work? Need easy iPhone data transfer software? The activation should only occur if the parameters of the license are adhered to. It worked on my computer. I posted my issue a couple of days ago and my post was taken down… second try. Perhaps your current Windows OS ran without any trouble until you installed Windows 7 KB update if you don't see any update on your PC, move on to the next method. How i can fix this error? Drive keeps filling up automatically without reason? Thank you so so so so so much Ashik..

This Copy of Windows Is Not Genuine 7600/7601 Fix (5 Helpful Ways)

I need the file to crack my win7, please If only you see this update KB, then only you need to uninstall it. I really needed it to run for my job. Please email me link for windows 7 geniune activation crack habib gmail. Where do I download this file

Fixed This Copy of Windows Is Not Genuine

windows not genuine crack

I will really appreciate it. This error message may also occur when a command that is being executed requires an elevated command prompt and is unrelated to the issue discussed here. This works… but not forever. Back to Windows 7 forum total posts Page 1 of 4 01 02 03 04 Next. No matter how strict protection copyright-holders create for their content, hackers always find a way out circumventing the protection allowing piracy to flourish as usual, in the latest news related to anti-piracy, crackers have now cracked the latest Windows Genuine Advantage Validation v1. Guys, Can any1 help me to fix this? View details and Copy details. Now starting off on how to remove or fix this error, you should know that this method works on both bit and bit versions of window 7. Before this I already try method one and thanks god , it works successfully , my windows fix.

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