The science of caffeine and exercise

G074bu51n3/ October 10, 2021/ Games, News and Technology, Sport/ 0 comments

Caffeine is one of the most researched substances reported to help athletes perform better and train longer and harder. As a result, professional and amateur sportspeople often take it as a performance-enhancing “ergogenic” aids for a wide range of activities. These include intermittent exercise such as football and racket sports, endurance exercise such as running and cycling, and resistance exercise

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Your body makeover training programme could be a waste of time

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Thanks to social media, it’s hard to escape from hearing about people’s fitness levels. Sites like Facebook and Instagram provide a constant stream of information about user’s gym visits, nutrition plans and race results. Selfies chronicle every inch of fat loss and muscle gain and promote “miraculous” training plans that claim to be able shape your body with little effort.

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