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So is it possible to clean format my hard disk and reinstall windows 7 with the upgrade disc which I got it from Acer? Will I be able to use the product key that came with the disc?

Yes, if you look at Seth's answer in the second post, it should be possible to use your key. By that I mean if you have Vista on your computer, and insert your Win7 disc without formatting you are upgrading your version of Windows and the key will work without a problem. However, if you do a clean format of your hard disk you are no longer upgrading your version of Windows so the key will not work in this case. Seth provided an elegant solution where after the install you just re-install immediately afterwards, which should be recognized by Windows as an upgrade.

I know it's tempting to do a clean format because of all the performance benefits, but the next best thing which is what I had to do when I first made this topic is format your hard disk, re-install Vista, then upgrade to Win7. In Microsoft KB articles and in MOC of Windows 7 it is clearly said that cross-architecture upgrades to Windows 7 are unsupported and cannot be done and if you are intending to like that you should definitely go for a clean install but as you say you have done a cross-architecture upgrade from Vista HP 32 to Windows 7 Pro Firstly that should be the definite reason for the 5 OS crashes that you have mentioned since some windows vista 32 bit system files may not support for the 64 bit operations in windows 7.

So it's not a fault of full formatting your HD. Just do a clean install then your OS will be fine. Since the Windows DVD is not rewritable there's no way that it can detect multiple installations. But the ways that multiple installations can be detected is through registry or only if you have registered your key with Microsoft during an activation process. So if you multiple clean installations without activating you should be fine.

It is not possible not just not supported to do an Upgrade install of Win7 bit onto ANY Windows bit installation. The disk will refuse to allow anything other than a clean install. I didn't post it to get any points. I just did comment as soon as I saw the post. FYI I'm not going after points like you. Noel is not point hogging.

He is a Microsoft Partner and long ago maxed out any point table you can imagine. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Remove From My Forums. Sign in to vote. I bought Windows 7 two days ago and installed it yesterday. I did not do a "clean" install, that is, I did not format my drives and the installation created Windows.

However, the computer crashed on me five times four times yesterday, once this morning. Believing it to be the fault of not doing a complete format, I re-installed, this time formatting my HD. However, now it says my product key is no longer valid even though I have it saved verbatim on my phone so it's not a case of mistyping keys O instead of D, 6 instead of G, etc.

How can I resolve this issue? Is this an anti-piracy thing to prevent multiple installs from one DVD? If so, how can that possibly be since I'm installing my copy on the exact same PC! If Windows 7 has saved somewhere that this key was already in use, shouldn't it recognize that it's being installed to the same computer it was paired with during the first installation? So can someone please help me with this? Sunday, October 25, Assuming your hard disk has already been formatted, I would recommended erasing it again.

I use a Linux system rescue disk, but you can accomplish the same thing by running a custom install and deleting all of the partitions. When you are done, you should have nothing but unallocated space. The installer will configure your partitions for you.

At a certain point in the stall, you are asked for a product key. Do NOT enter one. Further, uncheck the box to allow for automatic activation. This first install will not have a product key until later. When it is done installing, you will have a clean, full install that you can't activate with an upgrade key. At this point, you can either: The first method is fairly self-explanatory. After the second install, delete the Windows.

OLD folder since it's pointless , and activate using your upgrade key. This is the Microsoft approved way of doing this with an upgrade disk. The second requires a bit more work, but is far faster, because you don't have to sit through a second install. First, make sure you don't have any pending updates that require a restart. If you do, install them, reboot, and then start this procedure. Once your system is stable, open regedit. Change the value from 1 to 0, and close the registry editor.

Start a Command shell as Administrator find it in the start menu, right click on it, and select "run as administrator" You will need to authorize the UAC. You will be notified that you have 30 days to activate, and near that is a blue link to enter a new key. Click it, enter your upgrade key, and let it activate. If all went well, you should be good to go.

Marked as answer by thevagraunt Monday, October 26, 6: Monday, October 26, 1: Got it to work! Formatted the HD and did a complete re-install of Windows Vista from my recovery disc was not prompted for activation key. When prompted to enter product key, I did not put mine in and I unchecked the "Online Activation" box.

Call the toll-free number given, enter the Installation ID displayed on screen through the phone, then input the Confirmation ID the automated program gives back to you. When I first tried the phone activation, it still wasn't working, so the machine connected me to a MS representative. Once I put in this new ID everything worked fine. Monday, October 26, 7: Monday, October 26, 4: Click on the Start button and in the Start Search box type in: Press the Enter key on your keyboard.

Follow the instructions for phone activation no charge. Hey Carey, thank you for the response. After going through the entire install process, now Windows asks me to create a Username, password, and then enter my product key sent to me under the name Unlock Key from Digital River. Since it says my key is not valid I have no idea how it can check since it's not even connected to the internet!

I can't get to Windows proper where I can use the procedure you outlined for me. And how can I rectify this without having to pay for another key, and can that even solve the problem since it can't even go online to check?

Monday, October 26, The computer in question was a Dell I bought two years ago, in Sep. It came with Windows Vista Home Premium. I did a Win7 install that kept everything from my Vista tenure intact music, picture, installed programs that of course won't work.

After having Windows 7 crash on me five times since the installation, the most recent being around So to answer to your question, I was doing a re-install of Windows 7 from the Windows 7 I had just installed Friday night. I followed a procedure online that allowed me to create a bootable ISO of the Win7 setup executable. I went through the second installation process, but when it came time to enter my unlock key, Windows was saying it was no longer valid.

The key that I had just used to install Windows 7 is now no longer working. Something else I must mention. Could that have been the problem? Computer manufacturers, such as Dell, are shipping a Windows 7 Upgrade disc and license.

An Upgrade license can only be used if a qualifying Windows operating system is actually installed on the drive partition you wish to upgrade to Windows 7.

A little clarification would be helpful! Monday, October 26, 2: Also, is the "Upgrade" really going to be the problem? I was told that since I was going from completely different architecture bit to bit that an upgrade would be impossible. Also, prior to purchasing Win7 I read some user posts that said that buying the bit version Pro or otherwise would allow for both an upgrade and full install. Or were they referring to boxed retail? If so, what if I choose to reformat my HD drive although I probably wouldn't need to since it's going to be as clean as it's going to get, but I'm a stickler for performance sometimes, which is why I ended up in the current situation will I once again run into the same problem since formatting the drive gets rid of Vista?

Carey Frisch If he had been using the Vista install, and had data that he needed to bring over, I could see it. However, in this case, he's already nuked his system.

activator windows 7 google drive

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activator windows 7 google drive

Thank you for posting this! So, you may use this Toolkit Activator on your computer. So, Office Toolkit will help you to make Microsoft products as a genuine version. Is this an anti-piracy thing to prevent multiple installs from one DVD? To activate Windows using your digital license, in the troubleshooter, select Activate Windows , and then Activate. It cannot be detected and is permanent, meaning you can keep getting updates to your OS for security purposes. If so, what if I choose to reformat my HD drive although I probably wouldn't need to since it's going to be as clean as it's going to get, but I'm a stickler for performance sometimes, which is why I ended up in the current situation will I once again run into the same problem since formatting the drive gets rid of Vista? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Just download, run and restart your PC to complete the activation process!

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